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What is a traffic manager?

What is a traffic manager?

What does a traffic manager do? 

A traffic manager is the middleman between a company’s creative team and a project’s stakeholders. Their main job is to keep an ongoing project on track and make sure it meets deadlines, therefore taking charge of a team of individuals and consistently communicating with the concerned clients.

A traffic manager handles various issues relating time management, project management, task organisation, and even customer service. They often ensure the simultaneous running of several projects in parallel, regularly going back and forth from their team to their clients. 

Delegation of tasks and time management are crucial elements in a traffic manager’s job. It’s up to them to distribute the assignments among the creative or marketing team and gauge an approximate timeline for the unfolding and development of the project in question.

There are several parties involved in a single project, including the clients or the stakeholders, the team delivering the project, and the management of the company. Therefore, there are several people a traffic manager answers to. They need to make sure the project meets the expectations and deadlines of the clients and the management team by distributing the tasks efficiently and functionally. 

Among the main responsibilities of a traffic manager, in terms of communication strategies is to oversee the optimisation of a website or a digital platform. Their goal is to increase traffic and promote successful lead conversion.

Depending on the type of business, the brand, the industry, and the services and/or products offered by the company, a traffic manager is responsible for implementing the appropriate digital marketing strategies.

The eventual aim is to increase the likelihood of the target audience transforming from mere visitors into actual clients. The traffic manager contributes to the development of such projects, and subsequently oversees the timely accomplishment of each of the different steps required to get to the conversion goal.


The relationship between traffic manager and client

Oftentimes, effective digital strategies such as Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Pay-Per-Click (PPR), and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are undertaken by the marketing team on the project according to the specific needs and requirements of the clients and/or the concerned stakeholders.

A traffic manager will sometimes have to make difficult decisions and put their foot down if a client requests an unreasonable deadline. They will sometimes make the decision to re-calibrate the project if they feel that it is not going according to the initial plan.


What are the strengths of a traffic manager?

There is quite a lot of nuance in the overall responsibilities of a traffic manager.

A qualified traffic manager will not only have the required digital marketing and leadership skills but will also be competent in managing a group of people and directing a project, making use of excellent time management and organisational skills.

Traffic managers also have great relational, collaborative, and communication skills, which they put to use in their interactions with both their team members and their clients.

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