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What does a digital project manager do? An insight into their job

What it’s like to be a digital project manager

What is a digital project?

A digital project refers to a business operation taking place online, it can be many things such as a social media advertising campaign or a mobile app development.


What is a digital project manager?

A digital project manager is responsible for the conceptualisation of online operations from start to completion within a set time frame and using a specific budget and resources.

They’re responsible for keeping track of the progress by regularly checking in with the creative, marketing, and development teams and making sure they are communicating amongst each other. 

It is important to note that a digital project manager’s job is not over after the project is complete. 

One of their roles is also to track and record the results of the implementation of the project. The digital project manager reports how well the project is doing with customers, whether it’s successful in lead conversion, and whether it’s accomplished the goals set out during the conception stage, etc.


Towards digitalisation


The successful implementation of any digital strategy depends on the work of a digital project manager.

They are thus essential for the well being of most businesses as digital transition has taken over the business world. 

A digital project manager should therefore be familiar with project management softwares, digital strategies, online trends, e-commerce tools, etc. They are also expected to successfully implement different strategies towards a specific goal in collaboration with their team. 

One of the reasons why moving to digital is so important is the opportunities it can create for businesses. That’s the case whether you’re an independent professional, a small organisation with a dozen employees, or an already-established company.

Innovation in digital strategies won’t slow down any time soon, which means that businesses are expected to keep up with this rapidly changing landscape and adapt perpetually.

A digital project manager’s role is crucial in this sense, as they will be making sure that the company is keeping up with these developments and using the proper tools to do so. At the end of the day, a business is responsible for the satisfaction of its clients - and with the shift in business models and communication technologies comes a shift in client expectations.


Company-client interaction


The digital project manager plays a significant part in influencing the relationship between a business and its clients. Because they ensure the successful run and implementation of a given project, they are also answering to the demands of the company’s clients.


They do so by:

  • Conceptualising a project that leads to increased customer satisfaction
  • Using the right strategies to prioritise the clients’ experience 
  • Setting a deadline


As such, a digital project manager tailors operations not only according to the requests of the company but also to those of their clients.

If a digital project is specifically carried out for a client, such as in the instance of a digital agency creating a website or a mobile app for a company, the project manager will often have to deal with clients' unreasonable demands and deadlines.

Such clients would typically not be familiar with the reality of undertaking a digital project and the amount of time and resources that go into its execution. The digital project manager is in
direct contact with clients and is responsible for informing them about the project and setting appropriate deadlines.


Most of all, it’s important to remember that the fluid and successful implementation of a digital project requires:

  • Flexibility
  • Constant communication with the execution team
  • A keen and genuine interest in answering the needs of the customers

A digital project manager is in this sense responsible for supervising all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes of a successful ad campaign, a beautiful and functional website, an e-commerce platform, or anything else that improves the company’s execution of its online operations.

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