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Current trends for advertising campaigns

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Discover the current ad trends here!


Classic advertising campaigns are making a comeback, but modern advertising is gaining ground with the younger generation. Discover the current trends in advertising campaigns in this article.


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  • What is the basis for an advertising campaign?
  • What is brand engagement and how to use it effectively?
  • Trend 1: Use communication classics
  • Trend 2: Opt for storytelling
  • Trend 3: Integrate your advertising campaign with esports
  • Trend 4: Stand out with green advertising
  • What is the strategy for a striking advertising campaign?
  • Is digital advertising at the center of advertising trends?

What is the basis for an advertising campaign?


An effective advertising campaign addresses consumers directly and informs them about your products or services. Ideally, it should capture their attention and encourage them to use your products. In all cases, your advertising should be clear and consistently reflect your company's unique positioning.


What is brand engagement and how to use it effectively?


Brand engagement can involve a wide range of topics, from social issues to industry concerns. Brand engagement makes you stand out in the eyes of the consumer. The more interesting the chosen theme, the more your brand will be differentiated from the rest. But beware, the nature of your engagement must be an issue that is already present in your long-term brand identity.


You will see more customer loyalty and less price sensitivity with brand engagement. You will also see recommendations for your brand from consumers themselves.


To learn more about branding, take a look at What is branding?


Trend 1: Use communication classics


Television advertising has been a classic for decades. Advertising campaigns have turned to television even more so during the COVID-19 health crisis. 


This is because television is seen as one of the only opportunities for live entertainment with sports games, live broadcasts, etc. Television offers the opportunity to get the whole family together at the same time, and the chance to see the world in action.


Along with television, movie cinemas are also an integral part of advertising campaigns. Many advertising references are taken from the movies. 


In the late 1980s, James Cameron's film Abyss launched the 3D wave. On the other hand, references to Marilyn Monroe continue to mark modern advertising. Beyond these cinematic legends, today's advertising is geared toward blockbusters.


Trend 2: Opt for storytelling


Storytelling is a communication strategy for capturing attention and getting a message across; it’s also great for generating emotion. For a striking advertising campaign, implement storytelling.


This technique is recommended for the luxury industry, as it strongly affects the image of a brand or product. The goal of storytelling is mainly to design a scenario to easily create images in the reader's mind.


Trend 3: Integrate your advertising campaign with esports


When it comes to amazing advertising campaigns during the pandemic, gaming and entertainment are among the best. Platforms such as Twitch, Caffeine and Mobcrush are setting the trend for esports advertising. Without restraint, gaming platforms are acquiring more and more visitors.


How to integrate an advertising campaign with esports:


  • Use competition to build audience loyalty by giving players the opportunity to win something.
  • Implement advergames.
  • Apply in-game advertising


Video games achieve high retention rates. However, it is important to make integration natural. Advertising should not disrupt the player's experience.


Trend 4: Stand out with green advertising


Ecology is at the heart of our modern world's concerns. Today's advertising campaigns highlight solutions for sustainable development. The best advertising posters of 2020 were those that encouraged respect for the environment.


Encouraging respect for the planet can be advantageous in an advertising campaign if you want to stand out from your competitors. You can choose to make a digital poster, a digital billboard, or a classic advertisement. 


Remember that taking into account the advertising media used is essential to portrait a good image and highlight your commitment to eco-responsibility.


What is the strategy for a striking advertising campaign?


The success of your business is often linked to the effectiveness of your communication campaigns. 


Contextual targeting


Contextual targeting makes your advertising more effective and relevant. The ad is displayed according to its relevance to a website or page. Your ad can then be displayed based on keywords, location, and browsing habits or user affinities. This creates a direct link between your ad and consumer search.


Online advertising for Gen Z


Most of last year’s advertising campaigns were targeted at this new generation of consumers. Strategies are therefore based on three points:


  1. Take mobile phones into account because Generation Z works primarily with smartphones and tablets.
  2. Support environmental issues by promoting green shopping and environmentally friendly processes.
  3. Make your presence felt on social media by conveying your message through popular social media outlets like Twitter, Snapchat or Tik Tok.


This young generation, which constitutes the modern world, is gaining importance in the market for years to come. They can become a real asset in your advertising campaign.


Is digital advertising at the center of advertising trends?


The prospects for digital advertising are constantly being debated. This is especially true in these difficult times. It has become even more important to get the right message to the right people, and quickly.


Google Ads


Google Ads allows you to distribute the right advertising messages at the right time. A breakdown by creative content type and capitalisation on format diversity and performance are offered by Google Ads. 


Showcase Shopping Ads


Some ads, such as Showcase Shopping, allow the display of a set of related products. Discovery campaigns, on the other hand, make it possible to display optimised ads in Gmail with a single campaign.


Also, you should keep in mind that the platform is constantly evolving. This can make it difficult to control your ad campaigns. You should keep an eye out for news and updates to keep yourself informed.


The User Experience


A good user experience (UX) should not be overlooked for a successful ad campaign. It means helping the user easily find what they are looking for, responding to their needs and anticipating their reactions.


By presenting a quality experience, you prove to your visitors that you know them and have taken their needs into account. You can therefore walk them through their search.


A good UX helps build customer loyalty. If users are satisfied with their experience on your platform, they will not look elsewhere. Read more about UX in How to improve user experience.


Augmented Reality


The use of filters on Snapchat, Instagram or Messenger confirms the presence of augmented reality in today's digital life. 


For recent advertising campaigns, augmented reality is an opportunity for brands to promote their products by giving the user a unique experience. Discovering the products and the proposed universe digitally. The user is both a spectator and an actor in advertising. 



Chatbot users are mainly the younger generation. With the modernisation of historical advertising campaigns, the use of chat is becoming increasingly popular for advertising campaigns. 


Marketing chatbots can be triggered by precise targeting criteria, such as context, activity or location.


In the most modern forms, chatbots give advice to users. The new generation particularly prefers these bots, as they seem less intrusive and more effective. Chatbots also maximise your chance of conversions and reduce customer service expenses.


Marketing Automation


This strategy consists of using software and web services to execute, manage and automate marketing tasks. As a result, you can send personalised emails based on the behavior of your target audience. 




Advertising campaigns are trending toward digital marketing, although traditional methods are also recommended. The strategies to adopt for a successful advertising campaign depend on your business and your target audience.

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