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The 4 best softwares for website creation

The 4 best softwares for website creation

Wix: the software for creating a website par excellence

Currently, this software is the publisher of more than 110 million sites on the Web. This figure proves that it is one of the most appreciated tools in the field of site creation and publishing. In short, it is easy to use, thanks in particular to its intuitive "drag and drop" interface. In addition, it also offers a hosting service.


Thus, if you do not have the required skills in HTML language, this web software specialized in design offers you code extracts. These allow you to customize your site by modifying the HTML as you wish. In just a few clicks, you can obtain relevant results.

The main advantages of Wix

The software has three major advantages.

A multitude of templates

Wix has thousands of templates completely adaptable to your expectations. They essentially allow you to easily integrate HTML5 code. The website creation software also takes advantage of the Flash programming technique for an easier integration of images, videos or texts. However, the choice of the template is limited to find the model that meets your expectations. It is the same for the change of design. The code cannot be used with another editor either.


Fortunately, the template can be improved with other tools and functionalities once you have made an update via App Market. Finally, the interface is intuitive, making it easy to learn and use and gives you the possibility to link your social networks in just a few clicks. 

A wide choice of applications and functions

Wix App Market is an unbelievable source of applications, whether free or paid. You have the opportunity to integrate any type of action on your site. It goes from the famous add buttons to the newsletter subscription to the contact forms.


The downside is that the software does not have a blog creation and management tool. Here again, the software makes up for this lack by offering you applications that allow you to create and edit content. This makes it easier to update and optimize them on search engines.

Disadvantages of the software                  

Here is a list of Wix's various weak points.

A software reserved for small structures

Wix is mainly aimed at very small companies who are looking at creating a website or those just starting out in the field of web marketing. It is only recommended for sites not exceeding 30 pages. Your site can benefit from a domain name for free. This domain name is attached to the ".wix.com" extension. Only the paying package allows you to fully customize the domain name. This solution allows you to see your traffic increase significantly over time.


E-commerce sites see it as a hindrance to their activity, since they have to use different templates and paid applications.

A multilingual service that is not very usable

For those who wish to create a multilingual site, Wix is still far from being at the cutting edge of technology. It requires duplicating pages before translating them and then recreating the navigation.

WordPress: a very popular site creation software

This CMS outperforms other list building software in the long list. WordPress was originally designed for blogging. Later, its use was diverted to the creation of sites via an ingenious system of plugins.

Benefits of WordPress

WordPress is a free, open source CMS, hence its unprecedented notoriety among developers. It is powerful yet flexible and customizable. It offers a complete service, from hosting to pre-installed plugins, through a wide range of themes. The main thing is to make the right choice of template and plugins according to your objectives and the types of features you want to offer. The installation and configuration of the software have been simplified as much as possible. Support service is also at your disposal.


One of the particularities of the software is the presence of the MySQL database. It stores all your information on the site and then submits it to visitors via queries. It corresponds to the core of your Wordpress site.


This website creation software is popular because of its performance, but also because of its ease of use. It is intended for beginners and professionals. Your site is thus ready in no time. You have the possibility to manage all the elements of the website created by your own means. In case of doubt, you can always go through a website creation agency that masters the tool.

Disadvantages of the software

Despite the many advantages of WordPress, there are some weaknesses, starting with the lack of SEO options. Indeed, you need to use the Business plan for example in order to take advantage of a minimum of SEO features.


Its price-quality ratio is not always justified according to some users, knowing that the proposed price is higher than that of the competition. You do not have the freedom to choose your theme or the plug-ins you are interested in, even when opting for certain paid plans.

Jimdo: A Perfect Example of Simplicity

This site creator is constantly innovating in order to facilitate its use. In just a few minutes, you create a perfectly functional site. In the case of a problem, you can contact support.

The advantages of Jimdo

This software is essentially based on a suite of high-performance tools. Moreover, functionalities adapted to e-commerce sites are proposed to medium-sized stores. In addition, you have the opportunity to optimize your site in order to make it visible in search engine results.


A mobile application allows you to program a website from A to Z.


In the end, this publisher has one of the best quality/price ratio.

Its disadvantages

Some of its features can be improved to meet the expectations of professionals wishing to create an online store. A marketplace for applications would be welcome.

Weebly: an editor at the top of user-friendliness

This publisher already has more than 20 million sites to its credit. Discover its strengths and weaknesses.

Weebly's assets

Its content management system is capable of handling large sites, including more than 100 pages. It should also be noted that there is no bandwidth limit for paid offers. The themes offered are elegant and intuitive, they are compatible with smartphones, and an editing system allows you to customize the pages according to a defined template.


The Weebly Pro offer is a reference, as it includes a search function as well as a streaming video and audio playback option.

Disadvantages related to its usage

The App Center makes it possible to exploit new functionalities, thanks in particular to the various applications offered there. However, their number is much lower than that of the competition. Finally, Weebly is not recommended for multilingual sites.

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