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SEO: More Than a 2021 Trend

SEO: More Than a 2021 Trend

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The concept of online visibility

It is important to first understand online visibility in order to grasp the full scope of what is offered by Search Engine Optimisation. An online presence, however crucial, is no longer sufficient for businesses nowadays, as more and more companies are going digital and creating platforms specifically due to growing demand and growing demographic. That is why one should not only strive to create an online presence but also to make it accessible, reachable, and recognisable. Doing so helps your business gain notoriety and consequently gain new prospects and turn them into customers, which will, in turn, contribute to its growth and profitability as well as its ability to advance and stay ahead of the curve as regards the competition. 


The basis of achieving online visibility is making sure your social media platforms and website(s) are well-marketed and within reach to a wide audience. This can indeed be done through marketing campaigns, digital marketing tools, social media partnerships, email newsletter diffusion, and similar strategies; however, by far the most effective and significant way of putting your business on the map and promoting it efficiently is to make use of what is known as Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO.

SEO: The end-all of visibility

SEO is a technique that allows certain keywords relative to your specific business to appear among the first results of an Internet search, on any given search engine. The ordering of the results page on Google, for example, is not exactly arbitrary: most brands and businesses make use of SEO to increase their online visibility by optimising certain keywords and strategically making their way up the search results page. As you can probably imagine, the website that is more likely to be clicked on is often located in the first couple of results of a search engine, whereas websites located further down the list are less likely to be noticed and consequently any prospective clients or collaborators would not even be aware that these websites may offer the services they are looking for. 


Granted, it is not very efficient to only use generic keywords pertaining to your line of business, such as “law firm”, seeing as there will be many other businesses - your competitors! - using these same keywords within their own SEO strategy. For this reason, you would benefit more from the use of SEO that includes keywords that indicate your location, specialty, language proficiency, and whatever else you deem relevant to your business’s unique profile and what ultimately is part of the reason prospective clients and collaborators may want to choose you over your competitors. 

Slow and steady

As much as SEO is an effective strategy and a crucial contributing factor to your online visibility and your subsequent success, consider using other marketing tools such as the ones mentioned above while waiting for your SEO to be fully implemented. It can take up to a year for your keywords to appear in the first search results, so be patient, and be prepared to deploy different techniques to ensure that your business is not staying stagnant and out of your prospects’ field of vision. SEO requires expert knowledge and consists of an arduous, long process that can only be properly carried out by qualified professionals. So keep your faith in its effectiveness, and keep in mind that other visibility strategies are never out of the question!

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