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Fast-paced, ever-changing, increasingly complex: the world we live in is not easy to navigate. Luckily, Menabò Group is here to help our fellow agencies.



  1. Years of expertise, creativity and relationships
  2. Catering to every aspect of communication
  3. Our strengths and areas of interest


1. Years of expertise, creativity and relationships


Based in the charming Emilia Romagna region, home of the motor, food and wellness valley, we are an award-winning full-power force from the ground up, with an international approach. Highly specialized in strategic consulting, branding, and communication, our in-house team has been catering to clients of all shapes and sizes all over the world since 1985, ensuring the highest quality standards and tailored solutions. To skills and experience, we add a highly developed network of professionals, delivering a flawless service that goes beyond creativity. 


2. Catering to every aspect of communication 


From market analysis to strategic positioning, to creativity and operational output, we are driven by fierce passion and bold enthusiasm: everything we do must look, feel and function beautifully and it is carefully developed to complement the identity of each brand, enhancing its uniqueness. We highly value the identity, difference, and key benefits of each project. We share visions, goals, and results to make complexity smart. We craft new languages to tell the story of our customers. We build the strategies, the platforms, and the content around their needs, to deliver unique experiences. Supporting businesses every step of the way through the creation of experiences and integrated solutions, we spark curiosity, engagement and relationship of brands, products, and services. 

But connections with customers are not all we care about, as we also yearn to create partnerships with other agencies, offering teams abroad with all they need to cater to any kind of customer. 


3. Our strengths and areas of interest 


Here is a little about how we work and how we can support you.


We bring an in-depth knowledge of the Italian market, aware of the way it evolves and fluctuates and, being ourselves deeply rooted in the fabric of Italian society, our know-how has grown over the years by exploring and innovating. That is why we are able to enrich each one of our projects with the unmistakable Made in Italy touch and the awareness that our ability can create a meaningful difference. With a global portfolio of clients, we can provide tailored solutions that benefit of an international take on in four industry verticals, where our team has reached an expert level of experience resulting in strategies and tools to support growth, change, and development. 



As a multifaceted agency, we rely on a team of highly skilled professionals that spend every day challenging themselves and learning more so that they can offer the best support possible. Finally, we offer a 360-degree partnership bringing to the table everything we know in our fields of expertise: Fashion and Design, Food and Beverage, Tech, and Well and Care. 



Our knowledge of the inner workings of the Fashion and Design industry goes from supply chain processes to marketing. Here we master communication codes, trends, stakeholders, trade fairs, and the shopping experience (in store and online) – an experience that goes beyond Italian borders, thanks to numerous global collaborations with international companies and industry leaders.



Well-versed in the Food and Beverage sector, Menabò is on top of its game for both B2B and B2C dynamics through HoReCa, retail, and GDO segmentations. From the study of brand positioning to packaging, from strategy to tactical promotion, we support our customers with a full-service user experience, achieving major breakthroughs in this arena. 



The tech world is another favorite of ours. We know the landscape and how to stand out in it: by harnessing specialist environments and technical vocabulary for each product and sector, while establishing firm roots and always keeping in mind our customers’ specific goals. 




Finally, we can also rely on major expertise in the wellness and health, care and prevention, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics sectors. Our tailored approach allows us to perfectly balance getting information to the markets and giving correct scientific output. Our award-winning team leverages its deep knowledge to deliver customized insights and maximize presence. By researching the right moments and tone for messages to be carried out in one of the densest and yet regulated arenas of the moment, our goal is to spread awareness and nurture the market through the development of meaningful and highly functional content.



That’s it! Ready to team up with us? 

The ball is in your court so let us know something about you: drop a few lines at andrea.garavini@menabo.com, let’s start this journey together!

Our profile on Welink Agencies Italy: www.welinkagencies.it/menabo-group

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