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KATCHR has become Welink Agencies

Katchr is the networking platform created by the European leader Welink, dedicated to improving the digital practices of large and small companies. In particular, its services cater to communication agencies that wish to increase their visibility and their client portfolio. It also offers a real solution for clients who are looking for a communication agency, allowing them to find and contact the agency that will meet their needs in just one click. For the sake of greater consistency and relevance, we have decided to change its brand name to Welink Agencies. 


Welink, A European leader in matchmaking!

Founded in 2018 by Charles Passereau (CEO) and Kevin Goncalves (COO), Welink is a French SaaS for online visibility development, lead generation, and conversion.Welink services professionals such as chartered accountants, tradesmen, solicitors, and communication agencies.


Through an annual subscription, it provides a dedicated platform and the necessary tools to facilitate professionals’ online visibility and business growth. We support more than 5,000 partners with the ambition to offer our services to more than 11,000 professionals by the end of 2021. Welink currently has 4 platforms: Welink Accountants, Welink Agencies, Welink Legal, and Welink Builders. It’s present in 8 different countries: France, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and Ireland. Since its creation, Welink has raised €5.7 million: €1.5 million in seed funding and €4.2 million in Series A - and intends to continue this momentum.

Welink, our parent brand, has become a coherent entity 

As part of our efforts to rebrand in a meaningful way, we have decided to use the name Welink for all of our matchmaking sites.


We wanted to focus our brand on our ability and commitment to connect businesses and people and emphasise our core vision: to make professionals stand out by giving them the edge they need to grow their business and connect more effectively.


Our motto "we match, you grow" also significantly represents our overall goals and aspirations to facilitate connections while helping businesses find their place and reach their full potential.


Our rebranding has allowed us to emphasise the consistency and coherence of our mission and vision across sectors, while highlighting the diversity of our fields and our ability to grow organically and innovate. More than ever, Welink finds its strength in the unity of its missions, and wishes to present itself as an integrated entity. Our main objective is to connect people and facilitate the digitalisation of the independent professions, and above all ensure the success of our clients.  


That’s why, in addition to the Welink logo taking on a new life and a design more representative of our core values, all our brands and websites have been rebranded. In doing so, we have kept the Welink name at the forefront of our brand and focused its image on our matchmaking efforts in different industries. For instance, our digital agency matchmaking platform Katchr has become Welink Agencies. 

Welink is true to its core values, now more than ever

We believe it’s important to maintain the integrity of our brand and fidelity to its core values, while making regular changes to improve. Our new visual identity is a testament to our original goals and our willingness to move forward and adapt to a changing business landscape.


Welink has established itself as a structured and ambitious salestech, but that's not all we represent. More than ever, we represent a company that is committed to its culture and the values that drive it and its people. Autonomy, collaboration, consideration, intensity, and transcendence remain the foundations of our identity and fuel our performance every day.


Through its new visual identity, Welink never loses sight of its desire to give every professional in the world the edge they need to stand out with a digital matching ecosystem that combines innovation and simplicity. Supported and driven by a team of individuals who constantly work to transcend themselves and achieve their goals, Welink succeeds every day in the challenge of staying true to its values while further developing its ambitions and plans.

Welink Agencies: expanding marketing activities

Our recent fundraising will allow us to maximise our marketing efforts and bring our clients' projects to fruition.


Dedicated to our desire to further expand and develop our presence as a leading player in the marketing industry, we have been thorough in implementing new, improved, and innovative marketing strategies to help small and large businesses alike. 


We consider this ongoing effort to establish our presence as a global marketer to be a representation of Welink's perseverance and dedication to its values. As such, we continue to move forward with vigour and cement our position as one of France's largest and fastest growing startups in the year 2021.


We have ambitious plans to steadily increase the number of professionals registered on our platform over the course of 2021. Welink Agencies aims to continue the rapid and seamless rollout of its services to the market and structure itself as the premium networking platform for digital agencies.  

Increased brand relevance and consistency 

Katchr has become Welink Agencies! Indeed, this name change was justified by a few points. Firstly, we wanted to emphasise the fact that Welink is the parent brand of our various platforms! 


Secondly, this change has created a real uniformity around our existing and future websites. Each site has been named Welink, accompanied by the relevant "industry sector" as is the case for Welink Agencies. Our choice to rebrand using an English name was motivated by Welink’s international dimension. 


Finally, Welink is constantly evolving and growing, particularly due to the increase in the number of platforms we plan to offer in the near future. For this reason, we wanted to simplify the identification of each platform and create a truly uniform and meaningful network around Welink.

Welink Agencies, the platform that connects professionals and individuals

Welink Agencies, formerly Katchr, is a matchmaking platform designed to allow clients to contact qualified communications agencies directly online! A real time saver, this solution meets the needs of both professionals (communication agencies, web agencies, graphic design agencies, advertising agencies, etc.) and clients. In order to find the agency that best meets your expectations, nothing could be easier, just visit the site: Welink Agencies.


Each agency listed on the Welink Agencies platform has a personalised listing, specially designed for each one, indicating their specialities, skills, languages spoken, and other information about them. This allows you to select the agency you want to work with in a relevant and efficient manner. 


Indicate your sector of activity or your location, and a list of communication agencies will be proposed to you. You will then be able to consult the profile of each of them, and choose according to the different criteria selected or according to your needs. 


Our vision is clear: to put self-employed professionals in the spotlight by implementing innovative and effective marketing strategies.


Welink has embraced its new identity with enthusiasm and drive as it moves towards a more global presence and influence in the digital sector. Our brand revolution is one of the many ways in which we hoped to bring new life to the Welink universe, and we can only hope that you will join us on this exciting journey as we cover more and more ground globally.

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