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Interview Nude Digital

Interview with Delia Pitu and Jordan Chappell, Co-founders & Directors of Nude Digital

Nude Digital is a London-based digital agency, specialising in B2B marketing across various sectors.


Working with businesses all over the world, Nude Digital helps it clients build robust content strategies, creating effective lead generation funnels and paid ads with high return-on-investment.



Part 1: Presentation of Delia Pitu & Jordan Chappell, Co-founders & Directors of Nude Digital

1. Introduce yourself: 


  • Delia Pitu

27 years old, Co-founder & Director of Nude Digital


  • Jordan Chappell

26 years old, Co-founder & Director of Nude Digital

Part 2 : Description of Delia Pitu's & Jordan Chappell's careers



2. What made you go into Digital Marketing?


We’ve both been working in Digital Marketing ever since graduating from University. It’s a field that perfectly combines creativity and science, which is so interesting and complex.



3. Delia: You studied International Marketing at university: Jordan: Communications: How important was studying this in your day-to-day jobs? 


We learned a lot at university. It’s not all about the science itself, but also about learning to work as part of a team, learning to communicate, soaking in the experiences of other professionals. We both had guest speakers as part of our courses which made a huge impact on our professional development. 


There are, of course, basic principles of Marketing that we learned that are easily transferable to any industry or areas of marketing. 



4. Why start your own business? Surely it’s easier to work for someone? 


Working for a company has its perks, of course. You get to enjoy financial stability and security, which we think is the biggest perk of all. But it’s not as flexible and as satisfactory as having your own business. In 1 year since we’ve launched Nude, we learned more than we have in our entire careers. With every client, you learn something new. For every client we have to come up with a different strategy, different designs, different content concepts. It’s a never-ending learning curve. 



5. Can you tell us about some of your most memorable projects you’ve worked on? 


We’ve built lead generation campaigns for a few clients that resulted in high conversion rates, leading to massive profits. 


One of our clients saw a 600% increase in social media generated traffic in just a month, simply from having a robust LinkedIn strategy with tailored organic content. 


It gives us an immense satisfaction to see our clients’ businesses booming as a result of our marketing strategies.

Part 3 : Job and missions when you are Co-founder & Director



6. Introduce us to your profession and your company? Why is it called Nude? 


There is actually a story behind the name! We were travelling with friends in 2019 and were in a café called Nude Café when we decided it was time for us to start our own business. I guess the name stuck with us. There were so many inspiring entrepreneurs we met at the café that sort of gave us the ‘push’ we needed to take the next step.



7. What is your ideal client profile?


Our business is two-sided. We have a B2B section, where we work with businesses in Education, Technology, Finance, Executive Search, and a B2C sector (Travel, Recruitment etc.).



8. What is a typical day like? 


Every day is different, it depends a lot on what is going on in the business. The first part of our day usually consists of catching up with emails and understanding where we’re at in the client pipeline. Then for the rest of the day, we split client tasks, do outreach, prepare for calls and pitches. 


We implemented a flexible working schedule, which means we don’t stick to the classic 9 to 5. We like to be efficient with our time!



9. What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?


Positive feedback always brightens the day. And the flexibility of the job (being able to work from anywhere) is an added bonus.



10. What are the main difficulties in your job as Co-founder & Director?


The admin tasks are killing us! We’re joking… Being a business owner can be difficult at times, because you have to be involved in all sides of the business – the admin, the financial, the sales, the actual work. But we have a team of talented individuals who always make things so much easier.

Part 4 : Qualities & Skills for a Co-founder & a Director?



11. What are the qualifications required to practice your profession?


Creativity, strategic thinking, open mindedness – these are vital ingredients for success. Technical skills can be taught.

12. How do you describe yourself at work?


Focused and determined.



13. What advice would you give to someone starting in your industry? 


Research a lot and learn from others. Most creative ideas often have extensive research behind them, and years of experience in the field. And don’t give up if you don’t succeed on your first try. Sometimes it takes 1000 ideas for only one piece of content to blow up.


Part 5 : Developments for Nude Digital



12. How do you see your industry changing in the next few years? 


We expect to continue seeing a big shift towards digital. The last year has changed the way businesses operate – outsourcing services like digital marketing makes a lot more sense for SMEs.



13. How do you keep up to date with important industry news?


News, publications and our network




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