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Interview with our local SEO expert on Google

Interview with our local SEO expert on Google

Welink Agencies

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  • Part 1: Description of the multichannel presence technology
  • Part 2: An effective solution to increase your visibility
  • Part 3: Google My business
  • Part 4: Developments



Part 1: Description of the multichannel presence technology



1. Hello, can you describe the multichannel presence solution?


The multi-channel presence solution allows our customers to be more visible on search engines like Google and other online directories. How do we do this? By automatically updating our clients’ information on more than a dozen trusted platforms such as Facebook, Waze or the French 118 000 directory. Having complete and up-to-date information allows our clients to have better online visibility.



2. Why is this multi-channel presence technology beneficial to Welink Agencies members?


Multi-channel presence technology complements our product portfolio and offers our clients a complete set of services designed to boost their visibility on the Internet. 



3. Concretely, what does this technology provide for our customers?


Effectively, this solution allows our clients to stand out in search results and to be discovered by progressively increasing numbers of clients. On average, compared to a single-channel strategy, an agency using the multi-channel presence solution may benefit from a 30%-40% increase in visibility on average. This translates into more monthly queries related to their sector of activity and their geographical area, and represents a real growth opportunity for professionals in any industry.



4. Does it concern all sectors of activity?


The multi-channel presence solution affects and serves professionals in all sectors. In fact, all our current clients need to be well indexed and their content optimised on search engines or online directories, regardless of their specific profession.



5. What is the added value for Welink Agencies clients?


The added value is simple: the more you are present on local platforms like Facebook, Waze or Foursquare, the more Google will notice you and the higher you will be in the search results.



6. What is Welink Agencies's ambition with this solution?


Welink Agencies's ambition has been the same from the very beginning: to bring more and more clients to our clients by maximising their visibility on all platforms, wherever their potential clients may be looking for them!


Part 2: An effective solution to increase your visibility



7. In your opinion, why is it important to increase awareness of your agency?


Nowadays, it is more important than ever to optimise one's professional online presence so that customers can find them as easily as possible. Indeed, the health crisis has accelerated the digitalisation of businesses such as law firms and construction companies: the digital is now anchored in our everyday consumption habits.


8. What are your tips for optimising online visibility?


My first tip would be to have a listing with complete and up-to-date information on Google and on the directories that matter in your industry. Why? Because having an up-to-date listing on Google or an online directory can bring up to 7 times more traffic than your website alone! 


My second tip would be to work on your e-reputation by collecting reviews from customers satisfied with your services and regularly responding to all of them. You may not be aware, but 91% of Internet users read reviews before visiting an establishment - so don't underestimate this important element of visibility!


My last advice would be to not shy away from regularly adding new pictures or posting updates about your business on Google.



Part 3: Google My business



9. How do you implement the presence plus solution on Google My Business? 


We are Google My Business partners. We manage the online presence of several thousand companies on the Internet. Therefore, we would be able to create a listing for all our customers who are not yet present on Google directly and without mediation. As to all those who already manage their listing, we will just ask them to share their administrative account so that we can update the information.



10. In your opinion, is it important to have a Google My Business account if you are already present on social media?


Yes. A listing on Google My Business is seen several thousand times a month and can generate up to hundreds of clicks, and therefore greatly increases traffic to your website compared to your social media marketing.



11. Does having a Google My Business account bring in customers more easily?


Google my Business is now one of the first vectors of customers for local businesses. Today, it is important to know that 90% of searches are done on Google and that in 75% of cases Google brings up local results, i.e. Google My Business records, to Internet users.



Part 4: Developments



12. According to you, what are any digital evolutions clients need to anticipate to increase their visibility?


The next developments to anticipate for digital solutions are the means of communication with prospects and customers. Google My Business has recently released its message function, which allows a user to communicate directly with the manager of the establishment via a chatbox on the Google page. Activating this solution will allow you to get to new prospects before your competitors do!



13. Do you have any final advice for us?


Keep in mind that online visibility is always under construction and never fully done. Always reinforce your presence by regularly feeding your platforms with new information!

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