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Find Your Future Inbound Marketing Agency: How to Make Your Choice

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When conceptualising your digital marketing strategy, you must consider implementing inbound marketing. It’s just as important to work with the right agency, one that will fulfil your company’s specific requirements and work with you creatively to achieve your desired results.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a strategy whose main goal is to attract customers to a business as opposed to having marketers and advertisers reach out to prospective customers (outbound marketing). The process of attracting leads and turning their attention to a brand is done through the regular publishing of web content that’s

  • relevant to the target audience,
  • useful according to the audience’s anticipated needs and preferences, and
  • representative of the company values and mission.

Through this kind of content, you are essentially helping potential customers find their way to your business. The crux of the strategy’s success lies in the effectiveness of making early contact with your leads.

Why building customer relationships matters

Early contact is incredibly effective in turning a prospect into a loyal customer, as it can contribute to building brand preference. This is the case because at the heart of inbound marketing is the goal of building a relationship with the customer.


When your company reaches out to potential clients with a solution that’s fit to their needs and specific pain points, you are starting to build a connection with your leads. These are connections you wouldn’t otherwise have formed if you were solely relying on outbound marketing strategies.


With outbound marketing, you are essentially disturbing your leads and interrupting them with content that they may not even be interested in. Conversely, inbound marketing is focused on personalising the way in which your leads can experience your content.


This provides potential customers with a tailored marketing experience that will allow them to determine your services to be an effective solution to their existing problems. Once you identify your target audience’s needs and anticipate their requirements, you can gear your content towards these specific points.


Subsequently, with a regular content publishing schedule and an effective targeting system, your targets can start viewing your offer as the best possible solution to their needs. Perhaps your prices are competitive, perhaps your business model is fairer to the consumers, perhaps your production is equitable to the workers involved in the process...  The more specific, targeted, and personalised your content is, the more likely your prospects will see your brand not only as a viable option but also as the only option. They will start to prioritise being your customer as opposed to your competitors’. This process is referred to as building brand preference.

Why work with an inbound marketing agency?

As a general rule, you’re better off working with a digital agency whenever you’re launching a new digital project, marketing campaign, website, rebranding… Why? Because it allows you to collaborate with a creative team of experts, bounce ideas off each other, and get an outside perspective. All of this makes for a better, more successful project compared to one that stays in-house. 


In the particular case of implementing an inbound marketing strategy, working with a team of specialists can significantly boost the success of your marketing campaign. A good inbound marketing strategy takes recourse to many different forms of what’s called pull marketing, strategies that aim to pull the customer towards the product or service:

  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Blog entries
  • Content marketing
  • Events
  • Social media marketing…

Each of these formats and media often necessitates a different approach that’s specific to the medium of communication itself and its audience’s parameters. For instance, appealing to readers of a blog entry is done differently than appealing to social media users via an Instagram campaign. Experts in digital marketing will know what kind of language to use, what kind of format will be prioritised (image, text, video…), at what frequency the content will be put out, etc.


Perhaps more important is the creative role of the agency you’re partnering with. Brainstorming can be an excellent way to come up with an entire advertising campaign from beginning to end and determine the exact steps needed to achieve your desired result.

How to choose your inbound marketing agency

The choice of your future marketing agency will depend on many factors including the nature of your business, its location or locations, its reach, and its size. Depending on all these factors, you may want to consider a startup or an established agency, one whose talent is focused on innovation and creativity or one whose team is well-seasoned and whose strategies are tried and tested.


One of the most important elements to consider is the kinds of services that are offered by your potential agency. Marketing agencies can be specialised in terms of the following, among many others:

  • An area or region (for example across Europe)
  • The strategies they employ (PPC, SEO, social media…)
  • The extent to which their technology is advanced
  • Their approach (whether it’s integrated or isolated)
  • The diversity of their team members’ roles (copywriters, graphic designers, web developers…)

All of these factors should play a role in your decision-making process. Choosing a qualified agency for your upcoming inbound marketing project means partnering with a team of close collaborators who want the success of your campaign as much as you do.


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