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How to give visibility to your website?

How to give visibility to your website?

Using social networks

Almost half of the world's population is present on social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, they have become strong digital marketing tools and these networks are indispensable for referencing a website and making a brand better known. Many customers interact with companies through social platforms.

Create and maintain a community on social networks

Staying active on social networks is crucial to create interaction with the audience. However, there is no need to be present on all social networks. It is enough to ensure the presence of your site on a few media.  The ideal is to choose a social network according to the type of persona in order to target the right audience. Indeed, each social channel offers its own conception of networking and the intentions of members vary from one network to another.


The creation of a community must be adapted to the target audience. The LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Pinterest platforms are preferred by people over 35 years of age. On the other hand, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook are more appealing to those under 35.  Taking these age groups into consideration allows a company to easily maintain a community on each chosen social network.


The sharing of photos and offers proposed by the company through social networks also increases a site's visibility. All you have to do is integrate a link to the brand's page at the bottom of the photos. The community is then invited to share them or comment on them. Showcasing an engaged community will allow you to stand out from the competition towards those who don't know you.


Make links to the company's website

The choice of content to be published on a social network is essential in order to reach the target audience and increase visibility. When launching a site, it is recommended to use natural referencing techniques. The use of keywords related to the company's activities helps search engines to easily index your articles. To attract the attention of the members of a social network, it is wise not to publish overly promotional content. The ideal is to privilege storytelling in order to make links between the published contents and the company in a subtle way.


As an example, it is possible to write short stories about :

  • the creation of the brand and its environment;
  • the company's objectives;
  • the partners of the company.


Each story should highlight the products and services offered with a tone adapted to the personas. Knowing how to work with branding also helps to boost visibility on social networks. The objective is to branding a page with the company's colors to attract the attention of Internet users.

Improve its natural referencing

Natural referencing plays a capital role in improving the visibility of a website. Different SEO optimization techniques contribute to the launch of a company's products and services. The combination of inbound marketing strategies allows to obtain a good referencing. There is no magic solution, but several SEO tricks can help to optimize SEO. Among others, it is necessary to:

Open a blog

The creation of a professional blog is perfect to promote a brand. Its content must be relevant and of high quality in order to convince readers to read an article to the end. When writing blog texts, the objective is to answer the questions of a target audience. All articles published must encourage the public to visit the company's website and become a potential customer.


Paying attention to the length of each content helps to improve the referencing of a website. In principle, about 800 words are enough to offer the maximum of answers to the readers. The goal is to publish quality content that adds value to the brand. The editor must take care of the article in order to make it readable and easy to read.

Use specific keywords

Keyword research is a step that should never be neglected in any marketing strategy. The use of the latter allows to optimize the referencing on Google. A relevant and very precise keyword makes it easier to reach potential visitors.  On the other hand, one should avoid over-optimizing an article. Making a keyword stuffing can expose to a search engine penalty.


The analysis of these words or groups of words as well as their traffic facilitates the choice of a theme thought to offer solutions to the problems of Internet users. This technique causes clicks that could generate leads and make a brand known.

Recover backlinks

Backlinks have a significant impact on the ability of a content to be well positioned on search engines. Google offers its users a tool that allows them to analyze the links obtained to a site.  It informs them about the sites that reference the most a brand with links gathered by a domain name. This tool is designed to retrieve the most important backlinks.


The main objective of this research is to manage to dissect all the links offered by the partners and which point towards the site of the company. Several methods help to obtain quality backlinks in order to carry out netlinking campaigns, including:


  • The method of launching guest articles: propose to an influential blogger to publish one of the company's relevant articles on his blog. The interest is to add links pointing to the brand's blog.
  • The skyscraper method: it consists in following two steps, including the retrieval of an article that is well positioned and has backlinks. The important information of this text must then be retrieved in order to write another more relevant one.
  • The broken link method: the objective is to recover broken links by installing the plugin "Check My Links" or the tool "Dead Link Checker". The company can also exploit expert articles to recover backlinks.


The key to getting multiple backlinks is the ability to write unique content and to approach bloggers to request links.

Optimize the structure of the company's site

The work of the digital interface of a site contributes to the improvement of its visibility. The objective is to find processes that take into account the user experience by optimizing the structure of the company.

Taking care of UX and IU design

Giving importance to UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) helps to provide a pleasant experience for visitors. Enjoyable and easy navigation increases the chances of achieving goals quickly and without errors.


Taking into consideration a user's experience while browsing and the ability to easily navigate the site helps increase visibility. It is thus necessary to work on the loading time and ensure fluidity so that a site is accessible on all media.

Clean the code

The use of software often relies on HTML content filled with tags that are useless. Using these tools helps to check and optimize the code of a web page, while others help to clean it up.


A lightweight site displays faster than an overloaded one. This is why it is essential to remove the orphaned CSS [Cascading Style Sheet] that makes it heavy. A wide range of tools are available to clean up CSS or HTML code.


They improve the overall performance of a site. The easiest to use are : UnusedCSS, HTML Tidy or W3C Validator.

Reduce page loading time

The majority of Internet users have no patience and prefer to close the page as soon as the loading speed is mediocre. Many sites lose their chances of generating leads because they take more than 3 seconds to load.


To ensure the good visibility of a site, it is useful to examine the results of the speed tests. It is necessary to determine the origin of the problems that have an impact on the loading time. Using the services of a developer allows you to quickly find the appropriate solutions to reduce the loading speed of a page.

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