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How to communicate effectively on social networks?

How to communicate effectively on social networks?

Establish a relevant marketing strategy and communication plan


Social networks create proximity between a company and its customers. They weave a special bond between them. However, it is essential to develop effective methods to ensure the optimization of your presence on these platforms.


Being present on social networks offers the opportunity to gain visibility while developing a brand image. They play the role of an indispensable communication channel for the development of social selling. However, the choice of a platform depends on your company's objectives. The goal of the communication can be:


  • to increase the notoriety of a brand;
  • to gain customers;
  • to sell a product;
  • to build customer loyalty;
  • to generate qualified leads.


A community manager whose main mission is to improve the visibility of a site on social networks must, among other things:


Select the social networks adapted to your company's activity


An experienced community management agency always sets objectives upstream. These can be multiple, but they focus on the most important ones. It must take into account the specificities of each platform in order to be able to choose those that are appropriate for the company's activity. This analysis allows us to adapt the content to be published according to a persona's expectations.


A user does not log on to Instagram and LinkedIn for the same reasons. Internet users mainly come to Instagram to discover photos that reflect their vision of the world. They are on the professional social platform LinkedIn to get serious and receive concrete information.


In principle, if the activity to be developed is B2B oriented, it is beneficial to use LinkedIn and Twitter. On the other hand, a mainly B2C company should favor Facebook and Instagram. The Pinterest network is more suitable for a community manager who wants to enhance the visual aspect of a brand.


Define the target of your messages


Every social network is a place for exchange. The definition of the target is a crucial step to set up the most appropriate communication strategy. The content to be published must meet the needs of a specific target and convince them that the message is intended for them.


In order to define the target, it is necessary to take a closer look at their habits and expectations. They are used to determine the elements that can capture their attention. A community manager must constantly listen to his target audience to ensure effective communication.

Establish your communication plan with a frequency of publication

Good management of the frequency of publication is one of the keys to success in social network communication. Establishing an editorial schedule helps to maintain a customer relationship.  Any company wishing to improve its notoriety must design a communication plan for its social media. Social Media LasesThe establishment of an editorial schedule helps to better organize and plan the type of content to be published.


The frequency of publication to be respected varies according to the social network chosen. In principle, to animate your platform:


  • LinkedIn: publish 3 to 5 articles per week, only on working days. The best hours are between 7:45 and 9:00 a.m.
  • Facebook: plan 3 or 4 weekly publications. The best is to publish them just before the lunch break, and between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm.
  • Instagram: mail 4 or 5 items per week. The ideal is to publish them around 8:00 am and 9:00 am, or between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm on working days. Publications are also recommended on weekends from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm and at bedtime.
  • Twitter: plan to publish at least 3 articles per week on a regular basis. The peak connection time on this platform is between 12 noon and 1 pm. It is recommended to publish the most important information in this time slot.


These publication frequencies are based on the opinions of Internet users. This does not prevent a community manager from testing them and experimenting on different time slots to set the ideal frequency and publication times.

Taking care of the content

The effectiveness of communication on social networks depends on the content to be published. The latter must be attractive and relevant so that Internet users are motivated to read it.  Quality content with high added value facilitates, among other things, the conversion of a lead into a prospect. A well-written article makes readers want to pursue other actions proposed on the page.

Vary the contents

Implementing a content creation strategy is an essential step contributing to the success of a platform-based communication. While it is useful to respect the frequency of publication, there is no point in publishing the same content every time.


To make it easier for you, vary your sharing by taking into consideration the different types of content to be distributed on social networks. Organize your communication plan, starting with the type of articles you want to offer. Here are some examples of high-potential content you can post according to your target audience:

  • a news article on the business environment: regulations and trends;
  • a content on the company's news: vacancies, new offers, types of products and services offered;
  • a promotional offer: sponsorship discounts or the right to a fan discount;
  • Event organization: trade shows, conferences or training courses in which the company participates;
  • videos or photos presenting the executive, team or products to be launched.


Community management agencies recommend publishing open-ended questions to Internet users in order to better understand the needs of qualified leads.

Engaging the community

Getting a large number of likes, shares and followers does not happen by chance. The community's engagement on social networks depends mainly on the content offered. They must be in line with the expectations of your target audience.


To encourage the community to give its opinion following a publication, the community manager must write very targeted and interesting articles. Depending on the type of platform, he may be invited to share fun content to engage the members of his social network.  Each title, which must be catchy, must make people want to read the content. Statistics from the "Conductor" website show that titles containing numbers are more attractive to Internet users.


Adding a good image in relation to the subject matter is key to the success of a publication. However, writing a good headline and including a nice picture is not enough to attract the community's interest on social networks. It is essential to really engage in the conversation. This strategy helps you identify your ambassadors and ask them to share your content to increase brand awareness. It also gives you the opportunity to find influencers that will help you expand your community quickly.

Use a planning tool for your social networks

The use of a planning tool contributes to the success of communication on a social network. It helps to diversify the content to be posted at the right time and frequency. Here are the best platforms to use to optimize the management of your social networks:


  • Sked Social: the essential platform for creating marketing campaigns from A to Z;
  • Social Pilot: the efficient tool to manage several social networks on the same platform;
  • Agorapulse: the complete solution that covers all the needs of a social media strategy;
  • Swello: the easiest to use tool to schedule the publication of posts;
  •  Hootsuite: the most reputable platform for scheduling posts on different social networks.


To benefit from full functionality, ask about the offers and prices of each tool. Some are more advantageous than others, depending on your planning needs. The implementation of all of these strategies contributes to the improvement of communication on social networks. Be active and don't hesitate to change your angle if necessary to engage your community.


Call on a professional community management agency if you need support in developing an effective digital communication strategy. They can also give you further advice on how to find the best content strategy for each of the social networks you want to exploit.

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