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Google Analytics is essential for your website

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Getting to know Google Analytics...


If we wanted to tell you exactly what Google Analytics is and what it is used for, it would take hours and hours. It is a very complex tool whose functionalities allow us to analyse ALL (emphasis on all) aspects of a website. However, we will try to give you an idea of what it is and why it is important to use it.


Basic knowledge of Google Analytics is necessary for anyone who wants to work in SEO.




  1. What is Google Analytics?
  2. What does Google Analytics do for your website? 
  3. Google Analytics is an intuitive interface
  4. How to install Google Analytics on your website
  5. The most important interfaces on Google Analytics


1. What is Google Analytics?


Let's start by trying to understand what Google Analytics is and the first thing to say is that it is a tool, a service that Google makes available to users for free.


2. What does Google Analytics do for your website? 


It serves to monitor your website and it is no exaggeration to say that it is the most powerful tool we have available for that purpose. And it's worth repeating that it's free. 


Another very useful tool, also free, provided by Google is Google Search Console. If Google Search Console is dedicated to seeing how Google relates to our page, showing us the broken links, the pages present in the SERP and the keywords for which Google has positioned a certain page, Google Analytics does something else. It shows us how users interact with our site, and from here we can understand the importance of this tool. 


If we understand which are the most visited pages, those from which users leave immediately and those on which they stay longer, we can adopt winning strategies to improve every aspect of our site, making it even more attractive and user-friendly.


3. Google Analytics is an intuitive interface


Google Analytics, despite its complexity, has a very intuitive interface. You only need one account to manage multiple websites, and you can customise your dashboard, putting the data you need most at your fingertips.


All the data is collected in statistics, reports and graphs that can be accessed directly from the tool or downloaded.


But don't be fooled, behind this intuitive interface lies a very complex task. Knowing which data is the most important for your website and the subsequent interpretation is a very difficult task, so much so that professionals have been created to take care of this type of work.


4. How to install Google Analytics on your website


You need to install Google Analytics on your website and to do so, you must first sign up for a Google account.


When you create an Analytics account, a tracking code is automatically generated and must be pasted into each domain on your site. To do this, you can either insert the code into the Header.php file or, for the less experienced, you can use a plugin.


Once this is done, Analytics will start collecting data which will then be made available in tables and graphs.


5. The most important interfaces on Google Analytics


As already mentioned, Google Analytics allows you to examine any aspect of a page, and it does so thanks to several interfaces. Let's look at the main ones below.




From this section, we can monitor the data relating to visits (sessions) and the number of actual users (users). Each user can generate several sessions. Also in this section, we can control the average time spent, expressed in seconds.


Other important data that we can extrapolate are the age of the users, their gender and from which device they access.




From here we can check how users have arrived at our page: did they come from organic search, from a page that linked to us, from advertising campaigns or by typing in the name of our page? With this data, we can see if our optimisation works or our advertising campaigns are succeeding.




From here we can see the flow of visits, the most clicked pages of the domain and the time spent on each page. If this is low, the content may be of little interest or does not answer the user's query.


We come to the end of our brief summary of Google Analytics, which we hope has given you a little clarity to understand how important this tool is for the correct management of a website. 

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