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4 reasons why you should create a Facebook page for your business

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A business Facebook Page is for you!


Facebook (FB) offers incredible growth opportunities for your company. These days, the creation of a business Facebook page is essential to the optimisation of a web marketing strategy because Facebook is becoming a key tool in digital marketing. Here we explain why using Facebook is so important for your business.




  1. Attract new customers
  2. Create and unite a committed community
  3. Increase your reach and grow your brand
  4. Target a specific audience through ads


1. Attract new customers


Facebook is the most used social network in the world with more than 48 million users in the UK and 2.8 billion worldwide. 


You will find your customers on Facebook, regardless of your industry! That's why creating a business Facebook page is a must for your company. Facebook users engage with FB for fun, but they’re also looking for products and services and for good deals too!


Facebook can play a similar role to your website because the platform allows you to sell your products and services. In the Marketplace on FB, companies can showcase their products and services. With a call-to-action button, your customers can contact you regarding your products and services directly on the platform. You can manage requests through a FB Messenger thread.


This Facebook feature allows users to:

  • reserve products or services
  • request a quote
  • make an appointment

2. Create and unite a committed community


A Facebook page dedicated to your brand will allow you to grab the attention of internet users who might be interested in your products and services.


So why use Facebook for your business? To create a link between your company and its community of fans and followers, as well as to your leads, prospects and customers.


With the right strategy, you can turn followers into leads, leads into prospects and prospects into customers:

  • post creative and relevant content
  • interact and exchange regularly with your followers
  • respond to their messages and comments in a timely manner


Facebook has a feature that allows users to rate and reward your timeliness in responding to messages. Based on your actions, FB calculates your average response rate and displays it on your page. So be consistent and reply to comments quickly on Messenger.


In order to optimise your digital marketing on Facebook, you have to know how to capture the attention of your prospects. You can design creative games or launch promotional offers to reward their loyalty. This approach is also a good way to keep activity flowing on your page.


3. Increase your reach and grow your brand


To increase your reach and grow your brand, you will have to make yourself known, but above all you’ll need to build a good reputation. Offer your followers what they’re looking for, including regular, relevant and targeted content. 


One of the biggest challenges is to find or create content that is interesting enough for your fans to share. The trick is to put yourself in their shoes: sympathise with their difficulties and offer solutions to help resolve their pain points. 


Note that your posts shouldn’t just be focused on a catalogue of products and services. Your brand will become more known through photos, quotes, videos, humorous images and news about you - both personal and professional. 


Keep in mind that frequent posting plays a huge role in your credibility and the dynamic image of your company. The goal is to get people to like you so that your followers engage with you and with others too. You want them to react, comment on and share your posts! If someone asks you about your products or services, it’s best to respond to them ASAP; don't wait more than 24 hours to answer!


Rely on engagement, consistency and quality customer service. If your community is happy and satisfied with your customer care, they will recommend you and know that a good business or a good reputation can quickly become viral on FB. This is why creating a business Facebook page is so crucial.


4. Target a specific audience through ads


Why use Facebook ads for your business? The most obvious answer is that advertising on this social network is extremely efficient. When your link is shared, Google takes it into account and references your website.


Promoting your website through advertising on Facebook has the potential to:

  • increase the number of followers of your page 
  • get users to react to posts by liking, sharing or commenting on a post


Facebook also deploys its own tools for effective and targeted advertising campaigns, so you can launch a digital advertisement easily and cheaply, with precise targeting possibilities from A to Z. You need only to define your business objectives with targeting options to reach specific audiences.


You can define your target audience based on geographic location, demographics, interests and/or behaviors. You can include or exclude your current customers by adapting your CRM to Facebook’s database. 


In addition, this social network allows you to choose the ad format and message that best suits your purpose, from simple sponsored ads and carousels to dynamic ads and Canvas.




Your business Facebook page generates traffic to your website, increasing your online visibility. To encourage users to click, take care of your FB page and update it frequently to provide users with current and relevant information.


You should publish content that is applicable and attractive to your fans. You should also add links and calls to action to encourage them to leave their information on strategic landing pages. You can increase your conversion rate by doing this.

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