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Evergreen content: The key to consistent high-quality traffic

Evergreen content for longevity: How your website can gain in traffic and ranking


What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is a particular type of content published online that covers topics that stay relevant over time. Publishing evergreen content ensures that traffic to a website stays consistent over time and doesn’t depend entirely on seasonal or occasional visits.

As such, evergreen content typically consists in general, broad topics that appeal to a large audience and that are considered “timeless”. Publishing such content is part of the strategy of every successful website.

Publishing content that addresses a trend or an ongoing, current, global or wide-scale issue (such as breaking news or developments in an ongoing story) may generate a lot of traffic. It’s also important for building a relationship with your audience by staying relevant and up to date.

However, it’s not a strategy that will help you stay at the top of the results pages and maintain that position over time.


Consider Search Intent

At the core of any successful digital and marketing strategy is a strong focus on SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. The first step in implementing good SEO is understanding the motivation behind an Internet user’s search query - what’s called Search Intent.

The reason it’s so crucial to consider search intent in creating evergreen content rests on the element of specificity. The more specific your keywords are, the more competitive your SEO is and the more likely it is that your website will receive traffic.

Understanding the reason behind users’ search queries will help you put in place more targeted keywords that will boost your website’s placement on results pages. 

It’s all the more important to take into account search intent and strengthen your SEO strategy when it comes to evergreen content, as it tends to be a lot more competitive than content that’s specific to a time or event.

More competition means less chance to appear on top of results pages, and therefore calls for a more targeted and aggressive marketing strategy based on the specific experience the user is looking to get out of their Internet search.

Depending on whether the user is looking to buy a product, get information on a topic, or visit a particular website, the choice of keywords should vary and adapt accordingly to increase the chances of the website being viewed by the user who’s looking for its content.

In the case of evergreen content that deals with general topics that are not likely to go out of style, the more specific the keyword choice, the better for increasing website traffic.


Be concise but comprehensive

Evergreen content is defined by consistency and sustainability, two elements that rely on a piece of writing being complete and covering all the bases of a given topic. When writing evergreen content, focus primarily on explaining all the relevant information into a
single-page article.


For instance, if your topic is successful digital marketing strategies, you will want to explain:

  • What digital marketing is
  • Why digital marketing strategies are important for the success of a business
  • What the most well-known and established strategies are


Here’s what to keep in mind: every time, write as if you’re explaining your topic to a complete beginner. This way, you’ll be sure that your article is comprehensive enough to answer the questions any user may have had, and covers everything that may be relevant to a wide audience.

One effective way to do this is to get inspired by existing articles that treat similar topics. See how their content is organised, designed, and written, and aim to write an article that improves on all these aspects so that you get ahead of the competition.

Most importantly, be careful not to plagiarise: evergreen content is never going to be groundbreaking, but your writing should nonetheless be original while staying on topic.


Pay attention to quality

It turns out there is a downside to producing evergreen content regularly. By focusing on putting out a large volume of content in a short amount of time, some websites often compromise on the quality of their writing.

They end up either recycling some of their existing articles, writing surface-level information that’s not likely to help users, or publishing abridged articles that don’t go in-depth enough on the topic. It’s good to keep in mind that creating quality content, even if the topic is not especially exciting or trending, is just as important as publishing evergreen content regularly.

Comparing with existing articles on typical evergreen-content websites (such as Wikipedia or ehow) can help you too. Make sure your writing is comprehensive, concise, and contains all the important points. In this way, your website is also more likely to gain more traffic as users start to rely on it for their search queries.


Add visuals

Adding visuals such as images, videos, graphs, charts, and infographics to your evergreen articles can help with your website’s engagement levels by keeping your visitors interested in the content.

Instead of publishing successive blocks of text, no matter how beautifully designed and structured, consider editing the article such that it includes:

  • Image breaks between sections
  • An instructional video at the beginning or end of the article
  • Explanatory graphs to accompany the different points
  • Anything else that might be relevant to your content

Visuals make your content easier to understand and more accessible, which in turn helps to bring in more visitors and increases traffic. It’s especially easy to add different types of visual media to evergreen content due to the general nature of the topics. It’s also an excellent way to supplement your written information with the support that would make a point clearer or demonstrate a given process or strategy.


Keep it updated

Even though evergreen topics are by definition timeless, that doesn’t mean they should be left once published. Your articles should be updated regularly.

Even though many problems stay the same over time (e.g how to improve my online presence?), solutions to these problems are always evolving (e.g new digital marketing strategies constantly popping up, new ways to boost SEO, new successful agencies in a specific area/catered to a specific need, etc.).

Consider, for example, how different the marketing information landscape was only 5 years ago, and you’ll see how important it is to keep reviewing the evergreen content you’ve already published. As technology, habits, and the social context change, Internet users’ interests will change with them and their expectations for finding information about a particular topic will vary over time. 


Link and relink

If you’ve ever been down an Internet rabbit hole, then you know how powerful linking articles together can be for website traffic.

When you write an article, make sure your topic is narrow and specific, and that any collateral topics that may be related to it are elaborated in a different article to which you provide a direct link. This will direct your website visitors in their search query and convey to them that your website provides whatever piece of information they may be looking for.

For example, if you mention website creation in an article on the importance of online visibility for a business, make sure you publish a separate article presenting the process of creating a website and its benefits in detail, and link it in the initial one. 

This strategy will increase your website traffic and consequently bump your website’s positioning up the search engine results pages. This works especially well when creating evergreen content: in presenting one broad topic, you will inevitably mention or take recourse to many other related broad topics.

This makes your visitors more likely to not only stick around on your website for longer but also to keep coming back to it whenever they’re looking for information.

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