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5 essential tools of a digital strategy

Methods and tools of digital marketing

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5 essential tools of a digital strategy

, like any aspect of marketing, requires solid skills and brings together a large number of techniques and tools in the service of a web strategy.


Even if their core business is not based on the internet, companies today must adopt a digital marketing strategy in order to control their online reputation and engage in a real conversation with their customers.


The objectives of an online marketing strategy can be diverse: make your site known, make people like your brand, retain Internet users or even sell products and services.


The many levers available require severe arbitration. This is why it is essential to measure the performance of its actions. Key Performance Indicators, KPIs, make it possible to adjust strategy and select the most efficient tools and channels.


How to define your web strategy?

Being present on the internet cannot be improvised. It is necessary to define a relevant digital strategy with effective means. It is indeed counterproductive and costly to launch out on the web from uncoordinated actions and without real purpose.


Here's how to build an emarketing strategy using a methodical approach. 


The first step is to take stock of your presence on the web by listing all the media used to date (sites, social networks, Google My business, professional directories, etc.)


Then it is necessary to create a document defining the identity of the brand with logo, graphic charter, editorial line, positioning of the company.


You will now be able to define the objectives of your web strategy by matching your digital objectives with your marketing objectives. You will identify objectives to gain notoriety, image, qualified prospects, sales, etc.


The choice of the target or the identification of the consumer profiles to which you are addressing can be done before the definition of the objectives, at the same time as this step or just after.


Once you have studied your target and its habits, you will be able to make a choice among the means to implement. It is about selecting the channels on which you will be present in order to achieve your objectives in line with the targeted people and your positioning. It is also important to budget for these actions and prioritize them to adapt your strategy to your budget.


Implement lead management

In digital marketing, a lead is generally acquired from a form that he has filled in exchange for information (white paper, ebook, brochure, etc.).


The lead's interest in the proposition is a signal that marks the starting point of the funnel. The data collected makes it possible to qualify him, then, if necessary, to carry out commercial actions to transform him into a prospect and finally convert him into a customer.


There are several models based globally on the same principles, with a number of more or less detailed steps to transform a lead into a customer. We will go into them in more detail in a future article.


Using the persona method

This is a fictional character created by marketing to analyze the behavior of a customer or prospect. A persona represents the characteristics of a group of individuals.


The use of personas helps to develop a customer culture that allows the construction of an effective digital marketing strategy based on relevant segmentation - profitable at all levels of the mix (communication strategy, product, price, distribution).


In terms of web strategy, it concretely allows:


  • improvement of the conversion rate (improvement of the sales funnel, etc.),
  • the construction of an optimized purchasing path,
  • precise targeting through detailed knowledge of the target audience,
  • a better customer experience,
  • an editorial line adapted to the audience (inbound marketing),
  • optimized SEO with quality, efficient content.


From a business prospecting perspective, establishing typical profiles makes it easier to identify potential prospects to generate new customers.


Set up web to store tools

Web-to-Store and the Mobile-to-Store are a response to the behavior of Internet users, who more and more often search the internet to find the right product or service, then go to the store, this time well. real, to make or withdraw their purchase. This behavior is called Research Online Purchase Offline (ROPO).


The web to store tools are:


    • Click-and-Collect to order online, collect the product in store
    • The Product Locator which allows you to check the availability of a product in several stores
    • Stores Locators to find a point of sale nearby
    • The Drive-to-Store, which leads the prospect to the point of sale through a promotion
    • Virtual tours that allow you to discover a place before moving there
    • Virtual showrooms to discover products
    • Online appointment booking


Launch emailing campaigns

E-mailing is a key, historical tool among the means used for actions in the digital field. To be effective, the design of a campaign is necessarily based on a specific objective.
Writing suitable messages and relevant targeting are the key to effective emailing.


Write an ebook 

An ebook is a particularly effective prospecting tool that fits in with the
"content is king" trend. This content marketing tool allows you to promote your expertise in the eyes of potential customers.

These publications deal in an educational way with subjects mastered by the company. In terms of form, it is advisable to opt for efficiency and simplicity. The fund meets the identified needs of a target clientele. Its content must provide high added value. One of the difficulties lies in writing neutral content without apparent promotional aims. Offered in pdf format against an email and some useful information, it helps generate leads.

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