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Creation, Launch, and Rebranding: What does a Branding Agency Do?

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What is a Branding Agency and Should You Work With One As a Small Business Owner?


Branding is an essential part of building a business and maintaining its longevity over time. What exactly do the processes of branding and rebranding entail, and why is it important to work with a qualified branding agency?




  1. What is (re)branding?
  2. What does a branding agency do?
  3. Why should you work with a branding agency?

1. What is (re)branding?


Branding and rebranding are processes that aim to create a particular image for a business and represent it in a specific light. They contribute to building or reinventing a company’s “identity” and are directly implicated in the success of subsequent marketing and sales strategies.


The way you present your brand influences how your customers perceive your products or services and how they interact with you. Building a brand means building an idea in your audience’s minds that they come to associate with your product and your company over time. For this reason, it’s important to invest in your branding efforts and give them the time and resources they require to achieve their objective.


“Your brand is the sum total of a consumer's experience with your company.”

- Sherry Jacobi


There are several means by which a branding strategy can be successfully implemented. Here are some of the most important ones:


Brand definition

Your brand’s definition refers to your company’s mission, vision, and general purpose in the industry. Why was this brand born? What demand is it responding to? What does it provide for customers, and how does it plan on achieving its promise?


Brand identity

Your brand’s identity is the image it adopts and the way in which it effectively communicates your mission and values to your target audience. It includes factors such as its name, logo, colour scheme, tone of voice (e.g. friendly, formal, etc.), typography…


Brand positioning

Brand positioning is the process by which a clear image of your brand’s identity is instilled in consumers’ minds. Essentially, how good your brand positioning is, depends on how well you manage to distinguish your brand from its competitors - and how well you can do so consistently. What is unique to your service? Why should consumers choose your brand? What makes you stand out? 



Design is an extremely important part of your branding process. Consumers typically react most strongly to visual elements, which is why things like your logo, product, website, and packaging designs must be (1) coherent and (2) representative of your company’s mission and vision. Colour pattern, font choice, animation style… All of these elements come together to create brand awareness and provide your audience with a comprehensive visual experience of what your company can offer them.


Communication strategy

Your company’s digital communication strategy is what will complement your design and brand definition processes. Once you’ve defined your brand’s identity and worked on differentiating your company from its pool of competitors, you have to think about how you’re going to get the message across to your target audience. This consists of implementing social media campaigns, creating engaging and useful landing pages on your business website, creating other media content such as advertising videos and billboards, working with a digital marketing agency to launch an SEO strategy, etc. 



Whether you’re launching your brand or undertaking a rebranding operation, it’s important to collaborate with other businesses in what’s called mutually beneficial partnerships. This can be in the form of events, joint social media campaigns, or mutual blog contributions on each other’s websites, for example. Working together with a brand that you find complementary to your own and whose services can benefit your audience and vice versa is a great way to boost your visibility and expand your reach. At the same time, you’ll be doing the same for your partner company by exposing your audience to its brand. 


2. What does a branding agency do? 


A branding agency represents a group of experts in branding and rebranding strategies. This primarily entails work that creates, develops, maintains, and improves brands and brand identities. A branding agency thus typically groups together communication experts, designers, web developers, copywriters, and branding strategists.


A branding agency is therefore responsible for laying the foundation for subsequent marketing and advertising efforts. It is in charge of determining your company’s identity, highlighting its strong points, and showcasing its offer in a way that allows your audience to engage with it. This process is undertaken via the different methods listed above. 


On this basis, a marketing agency then takes over to adapt your brand with the right strategy, one that will successfully deliver its message to consumers.


3. Why should you work with a branding agency?


A branding agency creates a narrative and offers your audience a story. You can think of your brand as being your company’s face and image, and the process of branding as the different media and methodology by which this image is transmitted to consumers. Through visually appealing logo design, eye-catching mottos, and a striking colour pattern, your brand takes life and provides your audience with a story that makes sense.


This is why, in the context of branding, it’s so important to focus on what makes you different from other companies in your industry. When you showcase your motivations behind your brand’s creation or the ways in which your production process is atypical, for example, you are giving your audience a story they can understand and maybe even relate to.


By collaborating with a qualified branding agency, you’ll be able to know your brand’s image is being preserved, elevated, and maintained by experts in the field. Branding can be a complex process and getting it right has the power of making your brand a substantial and disruptive player in your industry.


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